Immersive Orchestra (2018)

Working in collaboration with Imperfect Orchestra, Immersive Orchestra is a live participatory performance that was shown as part of Plymouth Art Weekender and Atlantic Festival. Over 200 people signed up online to take part on the day either as a musician or swimmer. Participants entered Plymouth Sound to swim, at their leisure, whilst being soundtracked by the Imperfect Orchestra's ‘Plymphony No.1, in Sea’. The wild swimmers 'conducted' the performance of the Guitar Orchestra as their strokes in the water informs the pace of the music, and the number of swimmers effected playing dynamics.

The soundtrack, composed by Imperfect Orchestra, was played by a 'Guitar Orchestra' of guitars and other stringed instruments. The minimalist composition drew inspiration from wild swimming, relying on rhythm, repetition, ebbs and flows, swells and calms, and open C tunings.

Click the button below to view a film of the event.

This project was made possible with support and funding from Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Culture, Horizon Community Engagement Fund, Take A Part, Visual Arts Plymouth and The Box, Plymouth.